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Research Innovations in Sustainable Marketing


Driving Change, Building Awareness: Research Innovations in Sustainable Marketing for a Greener Tomorrow, Today!

  •   May 27, 2025
  •   Madrid, Spain  2025
  •   Edition: 2

EMAC Membership


Attending and participating in RISM2025 is free of charge. However, participants are required to pay a one-time EMAC membership fee of 125 euros.

Why join EMAC?


  • You become a member of a global network of people involved in marketing research and teaching. 
  • You are cordially invited to attend the EMAC Annual Conference and EMAC Regional Conference that are held in a different European country every year. 
  • You automatically receive the 4 issues of the International Journal of Research in Marketing (IJRM), the official journal of EMAC. Through the IJRM you will also receive the International Abstracts in Marketing which reviews research published in languages other than English. 
  • You also have access to IJRM online with online archive going back to the first volume of IJRM published in 1984.
  • Discount of 20 % on AMA membership (if you are not in Canada or the US)
  • Online EMAC Conference Proceedings series (to commence with the EMAC2019 conference)
  • Access to the Job Market
  • The EMAC Newsletter (quarterly)

How much does it cost?

EMAC membership fee (including a subscription to IJRM): 125 € (VAT included).

Participants and attendees of RISM2025 must have a membership valid for at least one year, extending through 2026. 

Frequently Asked Questions


How much are the EMAC membership fees?

EMAC membership fee (including a subscription to IJRM) is 125 € (VAT included).

Can a person who does not become a member of EMAC for the year 2025 but pays the EMAC 25 Congress Fee attend RISM 2025 for free?

Yes, a person who pays the EMAC 25 Congress Fee can attend RISM 2025 for free.