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14 to 16 March 2023 | A Global Virtual Symposium

Research Innovations in

Sustainable Marketing


Oral Presentation Instructions for RISM2023

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Oral Presentation Instructions for RISM2023

Thank you very much for submitting your abstract and/or full manuscript to Research Innovations in Sustainable Marketing 2023 Symposium (RISM2023.)  We are very excited about the upcoming online symposium (March 14-16, 2023) and look forward to an interesting and informative set of sustainable marketing research presentations.

We are using Zoom Meeting (Breakout Rooms) for our concurrent sessions. Our RISM2023 technical host will open the session no later than 5 minutes before the scheduled start time and admit the moderator and all other participants (presenters and audience members) into the main room.  Please be sure to be online and waiting for the technical host at least 2 minutes prior to the beginning of your session.

The moderator will be promptly designated as “co-host” by the technical host and will take over, welcoming participants to the session and announcing the title of each presentation following the order in the program. The moderator will not have time to share the authors’ names. However, presenters are welcome to do this at the opening of their talk.  

As RISM2023 is online and each session on is on a tight schedule, all presenters are asked to strictly adhere to the following guidelines:

  • 1) Each presentation will be given a max of 10 minutes by the moderator, leaving 4 minutes for Q&A. Having 4 minutes for Q&A will allow time for transitioning – 15 minutes total for each presentation to start, end, and transition.
  • 2) Please be sure to have opened your presentation on your desktop so that you can quickly click on it and begin in presentation mode asap when it your turn to present.
  • 3) During your 10 minute presentation, the moderator will ask audience participants to put questions and comments in the chat box.
  • 4) The moderator will select ONLY ONE question/comment immediately following the presentation and ONLY IF your presentation ends in 10-11 minutes.
  • 5) If your presentation takes longer than 11 minutes, the moderator will note that there is no time for Q&A. However, if there is time at the end, the moderator will return to the chat box and raise one more question/comment depending on the time left.
  • 6) The moderator will encourage audience participants to enter their name and email address with their question/comment so that presenters who are unable to address a given question/comment, will be able to email the participant later.  All participants will be able to download the chat box content.
  •  7) At the end of the Zoom session, the moderator will remind the participants to download the chat box information if interested and thank presenters and participants.
  • 8) A reminder will be given to all participants that there are 5 minutes remaining before the session ends. During the final minute of the concurrent session, a 60-second countdown will begin, and at its conclusion, all participants will be automatically redirected to the main room and the host will end the session.
  • 9) Make sure to test your equipment, including your microphone, camera, and internet connection, before the start of the session.
  • 10) Ensure that you have downloaded the latest version of Zoom, which can be found at this link:

If you have any questions or technical issues to discuss, please feel free to contact Professor Ahmad Aljarah by email at Alternatively, you can utilize the live chat feature available on the RISM website.

Thank you very much for your continued support of RISM2023 and to the critically important field of sustainable marketing!